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(1)Dear City,  

I’ve called several times to get the cement on the street in front of my house repaired and I keep getting a woman who promised to call me back by the end of the week. But several weeks later and nothing.  This has been going on for years. I would like for the cement to be repaired immediately. Your crew did the sloppy work in 2015 and I’ve been trying to get it fixed for four years.  

 Please fix it or let me know if you aren’t going to respond so I can move forward.   I’m utterly frustrated with this whole process.  Why can’t you fix the cement that you have crumbling in front of my driveway.  This shouldn’t be so difficult.   I have many emails from 2012 forward. 

Again, I’ve called three times in the last few months and waited patiently for a response.  I’m so frustrated with the lack of response. 

Please respond ASAP!


(2) So let me make sure I understand the City’s position.  You put in a tree that grew roots sideways instead of downward.  Which your arborist informed me of and acknowledged in writing. Then when the tree roots lifted the cement, the sidewalk, my lawn, caused water line issues, etc., you charged me a $75 permit fee to have the tree removed. Then you came and only removed the tree and not the roots, which were literally the root of the problem.  At that time, you the City stated in email, that the roots would die and the raises in the cement would go down.  So, you agreed to cement the curb area where someone would surely trip and sue.   It has since crumbled away and now you are saying that it was meant to be temporary and that you won’t repair and replace it. Do I have that correct?  

We are all on the same page that the roots have not receded and that the sidewalk and curb remain hazardous from your old tree and both the curb and the sidewalk are the city’s responsibility.   Your statement indicating that I can repave my driveway assumes that you bear no responsibility and I have infinite amounts of money to repair the City’s mistake after mistake at my own expense.  

So I can spend thousands on a new cement driveway or you can mitigate your curb.  Sounds like you are refusing to correct your sloppy work and trying to force me to pay for your continuing bad choices.  

I thank you for the written response and for putting me on notice for the first time that the City is refusing to repair the work it did. 

If I have misunderstood any of this, please let me know within 2 business days.  I want to make sure I can timely file my government claim and proceed with litigation if necessary.  

Please be aware that you are formal notice to preserve all records and emails that exist regarding this issue.   Please also provide me with all documents, records, emails and writings concerning this issue or any issue regarding 4316 Alegre Way, pursuant to the Public Records Act and the Information practices act.  I can be reached at the phone number below when the copies are ready to be made, within the ten day timeframe.  


November 7, 2019 via email


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