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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am inquiring to learn if you can provide a report with information related to outstanding, uncashed, stale-dated checks (warrants) and/or unreconciled payments issued by your department.  Payment types may be related to accounts payable, vendor overpayments, refunds or credits, performance bonds, Bid bonds, escrows, property taxes, business registrations or aged deposits.

If so, and your bookkeeping or accounting department requires specific parameters, such as dates or dollar amounts, please include all items older than 180 days and greater than $100.00 with the check number, payee name, issue date, and amount.  We are not interested in any payments that may have been escheated to the state unclaimed property department.  Electronic files in Microsoft Excel emailed to me is preferred if available. 

If you are available to provide such a report, please include:

1. Any instructions or claim forms necessary to have checks re-issued along with contact information for any questions.

2. Does your department remit funds to the State Unclaimed Property Office?  If so, after what time? If you do not remit funds to the State Unclaimed Property Office is there a point where the payee is no longer eligible to claim?

3. How often and when is your report updated and/or released?

4. Are you aware of any additional departments that may provide similar information?

We intend on using this information to assist current, corporate clients as part of an accounts receivable audit.  The information will not be sold in any form and we will not solicit any individuals.  If any outstanding check payable to a client or subsidiary company, we will alert them so they may contact your office directly. 

This information is being requested under the Freedom of Information Act.  If you have any questions or need any additional information, do not hesitate to contact me. 

Thank you in advance for your assistance with this request.

Best Regards,

Harishwar Pasupu
Analyst, Abandoned and Unclaimed Property

Ryan LLC
150 South Fifth St Suite 2500
Minneapolis, MN  55402
972.934.0022 Ext. 51-1302


December 3, 2019 via email


Administrative Services - Finance





Point of Contact

Pamela Day

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All documents responsive to your request have been provided. Your request will now be closed. If you have any questions pertaining to this response, please contact the Davis City Clerks Office at (530)757-5648.

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