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EBI Consulting (EBI) is conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and Property Condition Report (PCR) at 1414 East Covell Boulevard, Davis, CA 95616 (EBI Project No. 1119008335). As part of the ESA and PCR process, I would like to request access to records regarding the following, as applicable:

  • Current and historical building permits
  • Current and historical Certificates of Occupancy
  • Date of construction
  • Any open building code violations on file
  • Date of last building inspection
  • Any open zoning violations on file
  • Current zoning of the property and any variances on file
  • Dates of public sewer and water connection
  • Any open fire code violations on file
  • Date of last fire inspection
  • Installation or removal of storage tanks (above and underground)
  • Hazardous materials storage or release
  • Hazardous waste generation or discharge
  • Asbestos or lead-based paint abatement

I understand that these records may not be available.  If these records are available, please forward to EBI at; via fax at (781) 425-3623, or mail to 15 Whithorn Way, Blythewood, SC 29016  If the fee for such records will exceed $50.00, please contact me prior to proceeding.  If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


December 27, 2019 via web


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Sarah Fasig

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January 9, 2020, 2:02pm
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All documents responsive to your request have been provided. Your request will now be closed.

For information regarding hazardous materials, storage, release, generation, discharge, or installation or removal of storage tanks, please contact the Yolo County Department of Environmental Health. For information on asbestos or lead-based paint abatement please contact Yolo Solano Air Management District.

There are no open building code violations on file for 1414 E. Covell Blvd. The zoning for this property is Planned Development (PD)#16-75B.

There are no outstanding code enforcement violations from the Police Department. The most recent fire inspection was on 12/4/19 (file has been provided). There are no outstanding violations from the Fire Department.

If you have any questions pertaining to this response, please contact the Davis City Clerks Office at (530)757-5648.

January 9, 2020, 2:02pm
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1414 E COVELL BLVD - BLDG 03 00.pdf
1414 E COVELL BLVD - BLDG 11 99.pdf
1414 E COVELL BLVD (19806).pdf
1414 E Covell Blvd .pdf
1414 E COVELL BLVD NO 114.pdf
1414 E Covell Blvd PLNG MI - 1.pdf
1414 E Covell Blvd PLNG MI - 2.pdf
1414 E Covell Blvd PLNG MI.pdf
1414 E Covell Blvd roof generator.pdf
1414 E Covell Blvd roof hvac.pdf
1414 E Covell Blvd roof.pdf
1414 E Covell Blvd sign 00.pdf
1414 E Covell Blvd sign 01.pdf
1414 E Covell Blvd sign 15.pdf
1414 E Covell Blvd solar art.pdf
1414 E COVELL BLVD.pdf
January 9, 2020, 1:58pm
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